We know that taking care of your health involves more than just medicine.

You can now get specialist support for more than just medical issues by talking to one of our Social Prescribers: Louise Birch, Candi Hulley and Jean-Paul Winter and Wellbeing Lead, Stuart Lord.

They will spend time with you (either by phone or face-to-face), finding out what matters, what might make life a little easier, or even what might make life more interesting. They will explore what activities and/or local support groups or organisations are available and accessible, to improve health, lifestyle, activity and wellbeing - see what interests you. That might mean being introduced to a community group, a new activity or local club; helping you to find legal advice, help around the house – making you aware what services and resources are available.

The idea behind social prescribing is to help you to have more control over your own health and find ways to improve how you feel in a way that suits you. Studies show that patients with social prescriptions get better and feel better faster than those treated with medicine alone. And because it works, it’s happening more and more.

  • Louise oversees Stratton and Neetside patients
  • Jean Paul and Candi oversee Bradworthy, Hatherleigh and Holsworthy patients
  • Stuart assists with Stratton and Neetside patients

Stuart Lord is our Wellbeing Team Leader. As well as overseeing the work of the Social Prescribers, the Health and Wellbeing Coach and the Cancer Care Coordinator, he is also running some Social Prescribing clinics for the Cornwall practices in the network.

You can book in via your normal surgery or email the team directly on:

To find out more about Social Prescribing follow the link to: SOCIAL PRESCRIBING

Click on the link for a downloadable QUICK GUIDE LEAFLET of the most regularly-used support services across Devon and Cornwall. 

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